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Wordpress Services

So less time development of your site and more time appreciating it. Webwingz delivers coolest and the hottest WordPress designs to you. Each design is unique and is given special treatment to make it look even better. This makes sure that your design will be the only design on the World Wide Web. Let us take care of all technical things to build and host your website helping you to focus on blogging and business. Blogging can be a business or a passion or a pass time, and Webwingz understands that many new bloggers and small companies can't afford an expensive web design company to create a website for them. We offer best economical and yet effective solutions for bloggers: Custom WordPress Themes Design. Without spending much, even your website can look as professional and charming as top leading brands. Not just the design but your website can be managed single handedly... well not literally, but yes quiet easily.

Why WordPress and what's the Advantage?

WordPress is the best blogging and instant website solution on the web today. Thanks to its open-source engine, WordPress gained widespread popularity throughout the world. Every day a community of more than 1000 contributors is working on improvements to WordPress platform. As far as users are concerned there are more than 10 million websites small and big running on WordPress engine. WordPress not only helps build a blog or an instant website, but also can sell products, integrate with social networking websites and more, using third party plugins which are mostly free. WordPress plugins allow sky high possibilities to extend the impressive standard functionality even more. Anyone can download and install WordPress platform and start creating posts almost immediately.

Why Custom WordPress Theme?

Webwingz helps you personalize your blog. Just so that your website does not resemble your neighbors. Specific ideas, sketches and company branding will be carefully analyzed by our designers and implemented in your new theme. We will work with you closely and give our suggestion to ensure that the new theme meets all usability standards and is well perceived by your target audience. If you are a pro blogger or a business owner, Webwingz team will help you develop monetizing strategies and design the theme accordingly. In the new world of internet marketing, SEO is one of the key aspects to the success of the blog, therefore all our themes are W3C validated and ready for SEO. We further help you optimize your website for the right keywords relating to your business and local area. We do not use any templates and do not resell custom themes to make sure that your blog will stay one of a kind.

Why Webwingz?

We are creating custom WordPress themes since 2006 and have done over 50 Website for a wide array of clients including professional bloggers, Event management cos, non profits and private businesses of various sizes. Our ever growing expertise allows us to not only design a great looking theme, but also ensures that it provides the right features, functionalities, information and is appreciated by your site visitors. Further to this our team has to get updated on the latest technology updates in WordPress to keep up with the competition. This gives you an assurance that you will always get (design and features) those are widely used in the on going market. Needless to say cost is a very important factor. Webwingz services just look expensive but are reasonable priced. We have solutions for every pocket.

Exquisite Custom WordPress Design

We enjoy Web 2.0 style, but our themes do not follow the general crowd of the sites with primitive use of gradients and unnecessary "Beta" signs. We do not base our themes on any templates - our goal is to make each site different and make it look great even in a few years, disregarding the trends.

Cross Browser Compatibility

We create WordPress themes that look equally stunning in all modern browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Your readers will be relieved from switching browsers just to see your web site.

Web Standards

All our XHTML and CSS code is W3C valid which is best for SEO and even as a standard. We make sure that the code is built with excellent quality and bug free.


In addition to custom Wordpress Theme design and Wordpress configuration, Webwingz provides the following services:

Logo Design and Identity

Create custom branding for your Website/Blog.

Custom blog themes for IPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices

Customize blog for reading over wide range of mobile devices and operating systems.

WordPress Hosting

Host your blog with Webwingz for guaranteed uptime and reliable support. It is always better to have everything under one roof to avoid third party involvements and miscommunications.

Match to Twitter background

Customize your Twitter page to match your blog theme

Internet Marketing, SEO and PPC for blogs

Promote and advertise your blog with the help of Webwingz marketing specialists. We help you make money!

WordPress Hosting

Generally there is not separate server required for WordPress hosting. WP engines are hosted on normal servers. We offer secured, stable and reasonably prices servers for your site hosting. We also provide domain registration services just so that you need not go anywhere else even for small things.

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