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Mobile Application Development

The man is said to have three basic necessities, food shelter and living. But in today's world, Smartphone, tablets are also a basic necessity for a man and we cannot imagine a world without them. And we buy these Smartphones only because of the interesting mobile apps they have. It's important to connect with the world and Webwingz help you to connect with it by just one click. Updating ourselves with new features and implementing it with our creativity is the sole motive of Webwingz and we work hard towards it.

We have a creative team of developers established to help you to design your mobile application. Our developers work on many platforms such as Flash, JAVA, and CSS. The mobile application is created by taking into consideration the requirements from our clients about the features. We also make wireframe and rough sketches of the main pages to get it approved from our clients. This helps our clients to have the perfect view of how the design is going to be and saves time. We create mobile apps for iPhone, iPad integrating payment gateways and GPS, Android and Blackberry applications.

Since the designed application is viewed on phone it should be user friendly and not cluttered. Having proper navigation and using the appropriate colors is very important. Another important factor of mobile application development is testing of it on various smartphones to get the real feel of it. We also help you to customize your mobile apps as per your desire. Mobile applications are also easy for development.

We at Webwingz are creating mobile apps by the last decade now. Mobile application development helps for promotion of the website and can be surfed from anywhere. This helps to reach out wider audience. With the help of mobile apps it gets larger traffic than the website. Thus for greater business prospect, mobile application development is a must.

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