Magento Development Pune

Sprung up as an open-source ecommerce solution in 2008 and within short-period, Magento evolved into a powerful trading platform for 150,000 + online stores. Well, we too have our share in the rising count of Magento websites. Our Magento specialised team is geared up to create totally innovative custom designs and tailors best technology practice to build a crowd-pulling online store.

Take-off your business with the fastest growing ecommerce platform. Webwingz have hands on experience in Magento and prides itself in crafting fully-customised estore that attracts, connects and sells.

Why magento?

It’s unimaginable to physically set up your business in immeasurable locations present in around 196 countries in the world. The only logical and foolproof solution is to launch your store in the virtual space. Without a doubt, Magento is an exceptional platform to bolster your business, globally.

If you are looking for a complete eCommerce solution, Magento is the best as it’s SEO-friendly and offers easy modification, updation, super customisation, streamlined product and inventory management, secured payment gateway and much more that will help to boost your online sales.

Magento services offered

We know the ropes of Magento, our experts offer elite services to completely manage and grace the look and feel of your online store.

Magento extension development

All Magento websites look similar but ever wondered why your competitors are blessed with amplified performance and sales? Apart from your misfortune, there are Magento extensions or modules that can keep your competitors at bay. They facilitate better usability, performance and provide you with a feature-packed console. Rest assured, we provide exceptional Magento extension development services like extension installation, extension upgradation, custom Magento extension and anything which is necessary to boost your ecommerce website.

Security audit

Did you know, custom ecommerce scripts and even websites on Magento can be easily hacked if basic security measures are not carried out timely? Security is the highest concern for any ecommerce business. We offer timely and professional Magento security audit, compliance and quarantine service for your online business.

Traffic building

Whether it is retail, B2B, services or virtual products, right traffic is the key to generate consistent and recurring revenues. Along with the unparalleled scalability and flexibility of Magento, we know what it takes to enhance your brand visibility and site traffic, extensively. With Magento there are plugins and third party modules available to improve search rankings, social media, ad campaigns, coupons, CRM and myriads. We help you to identify the right modules.


Right from restoring website crash to adding new feature to your Magento store, our experts make sure that you always beat the market competition and stay ahead. Periodical version upgrade, daily website backup, stock update, timely security audits, maintenance of extensions & modules, content writing, tracking performance & everything required will be done effectively.

Magento security services

Bail out from website attackers as Magento offers

  • Penetration testing
  • File auditing
  • DOS attack shield
  • SQL injection
  • Password leak vigilance
  • Security scanning for custom modules & plugins & more

Magento extension development

A lot of things in this world can be bettered, even Magento websites. The requirements which Magento can't hack it, are fulfilled with Magento Extensions. There are dime a dozen of reasons, why Magento extension development will aid to evolve your online store.

Enhanced eCommerce solutions

At Webwingz, we pride ourselves in offering bespoke ecommerce solutions to clients all around the world, you can see our work and know for yourself. Our Magento experts develop extensions as per client needs and user expectations to upgrade the online store. Best of all, we will make your online business stand out of the crowd.

Fulfill additional eCommerce requirements

Sometimes Magento cannot fulfill few additional ecommerce requirements of client or user. To execute those requirements efficiently, magento extensions are being developed. The cutting-edge Magento extension will improve functionality and help to effortlessly manage your estore.

Facelift your Magento store

For the future improvements of your ecommerce website, we provide exceptional Magento extension development services like extension installation, extension upgradation, custom Magento extension and anything which is necessary to boost your ecommerce website.

Expert team of developers

Our expert team ensures to offer upgraded ecommerce solutions through exceptional Magento extension services. We are proficient in both frontend and backend extension development. We develop extensions without compromising on quality. Right from installation to maintenance, all is effortless with Magento extensions developed by Webwingz.

Magento Development FAQs

Magento is a reliable open-source platform that can be beneficial to right from startups to big players in retail business. There are n number of factors that can help any eCommerce business to flourish online and drive sales. The customisable, feature-rich platform has the potential to make your business stand out of the crowd.

The volume of orders processed actually doesn’t depend upon the eCommerce platform. It predominantly depends upon the server size and the ability of your payment gateway to manage the orders.

Though Magento updates are released quite often, it is not necessary to upgrade each time. Only in case if there is any major security update, you will be required to upgrade.

Good news is Magento offers high-end security. Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that meet PCI compliance standards to secure customer's data.